Arkansas Speck Smackdown

In the most recent waterfowl season our crew decided to head down to Arkansas after the second split following the Christmas holiday. As we made our way around Arkansas, Grayson reached out to his good buddy Jon and said the Specks were thick over by him. It surely sounded like an opportunity we could not miss.

As we met up for the hunt, we were setting up directly across from a feed holding thousands of Specklebelly & snow geese and a refuge full of ducks directly to our ass end. Whether or not we killed them we knew it was going to be an extraordinary hunt with constant waterfowl activity from every direction. 

Our guns locked up full of goose loads and ready to get after it we were met with immediate looks from flocks of Specks. We began by picking off small groups of singles, double, and trios. We were met with some winter weather that clouded up the sky and halted our hunt and made the birds weary with the sun being away for the meantime. However, the sun came back out in great fashion for the last hour that allowed us to get right back where we left off on the Specks and even managing to call in a Gadwall off the refuge and bringing in a singular snow goose. Coming in just short of our limit did not matter to us because it was in fact a fantastic hunt for how bipolar the 2023-2024 waterfowl season turned out. All is good and well when you can head back to Illinois with plenty to eat and a good laugh.